Thursday, July 07, 2005

Mountain Flying in Idaho

Here are my passengers ready for an adventure flying in the backcountry of Idaho, a first for both of them. The weather is marginal but I believe doable. So we are ready to take off here from the Smiley Creek airstrip right in the middle of the Stanley basin on the headwaters of the famous Salmon River. Posted by Picasa

Leaving Smiley Creek and heading North towards Johnson Creek to meet the folks with the Missionary Aviation Fellowship for a get togather there. Posted by Picasa

Low clouds and intermittent snow and rain showers make things interesting. Typical weather in the Idaho wilderness in the middle of June. Posted by Picasa

OK where do we go from here. I really want to be on the other side of that ridge ahead of us. I did manage to find an opening between the rock and clouds that we could get through just fine. Posted by Picasa

Well here is where we are going. The girls made a nervous comment as to "just how are we going toget down there"? My reply was "the same way we got this far, very carefully." Posted by Picasa

Clarice and me on the ground at Johnson Creek. What a great airstrip- once you figure how to get down to it! Posted by Picasa

Here Clarice and Janelle are at the Johnson Creek airstrip campground. Hot and cold showers and great campgrounds. Posted by Picasa

Coming over the divide and better weather to the South. Only another 40 miles to Smiley Creek. Posted by Picasa

Off of our left wing is Sulpher Creek and the airstrip there. A great place to stop for breakfast and a cup of coffee. Only aircraft can access this place, a truely remote lodge. Posted by Picasa

More clouds, snow, and rock. Posted by Picasa

The clouds have lifted and the flying is very good now, a bit bumpy but not bad. Posted by Picasa

More rock with a lake nestled a cirque basin Posted by Picasa

The country is very rough and not conducive to a forced landing if the engine should fail. Posted by Picasa

Redfish lake in the Sawtooth Mountians Posted by Picasa

Here we are coming out of the Frank Church Wilderness and heading for the night at Smiley Creek where we started from earlier today. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Montana Mike